Second star to the right and straight on till morning.

16th February 2014

Video with 2 notes

What’s that?? Another video a week apart? Suppose you should probably watch it!!

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8th February 2014

Video with 2 notes

I made a new video. You should watch it! It’s a parody to “Call Me Maybe.” 

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7th November 2013

Video with 4 notes

I was tagged in the “One Word Survey” Tag. Please watch if you like! New videos are always fun :-)

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26th September 2013


Hey look! I made a new video! It’s about kissing!! Oooooohhhh! Watch it!? Yeah! Hooray :-)

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19th August 2013


New video about my first kiss! Sexy? I know. Watch if you’d like? :-)

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8th August 2013

Video with 4 notes

I FINALLY UPLOADED A NEW VIDEO!!! It’s about VidCon. Watch if you’d like :-)

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7th April 2013

Video with 1 note

 I STILL MAKE YOUTUBE VIDEOS! And I’m doing VEDA! Start watching me again? Pretty please? Which I know is a lot to ask…

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9th August 2012

Video with 1 note

New video! A friend of mine got married. Here’s my thoughts from that. :-) And yes. She looked beautiful!

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4th August 2012


New video! About some of the escapades I get up to when my show is over! Watch if you’d like! :-)

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13th July 2012

Video with 3 notes

I hope you’ll watch this one guys! I’m proud of this video. Even if it is a video response :-)

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