Second star to the right and straight on till morning.

9th August 2012

Video with 1 note

New video! A friend of mine got married. Here’s my thoughts from that. :-) And yes. She looked beautiful!

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4th August 2012


New video! About some of the escapades I get up to when my show is over! Watch if you’d like! :-)

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9th July 2012

Video with 1 note

Did I mention I have a new video?? Cuz I have a new video! Watch? Please! Even with the blurriness of it. Silly blurriness…

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7th July 2012


A promise to myself. Help me keep it?

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12th June 2012

Video with 1 note

Another video of me singing! Yay! Watch? Maybe? “There Won’t Be Trumpets” from Anyone Can Whistle

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2nd January 2012


What!? I finally made a new video?? Awesome! Watch if you’d like :-)

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23rd October 2011

Video with 2 notes

I made a new video. It was inspired by the Vlogbrothers ‘Thoughts from Places’ videos. Watch if you like! :-)

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11th September 2011

Video with 11 notes

Yay for Nerdy videos!! :-)

Watch if you’d like!

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3rd September 2011

Video with 6 notes

My latest video. Quite proud of this one actually :-) It’s about the new “Reactions” button Youtube has put in! Watch if you’d like!

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