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3rd June 2012


Avatar The Last Airbender 30 Day Challenge

DAY 5. What is your favorite outfit that any character has worn throughout the series?

Uuuhh….I have absolutely no idea. Perhaps I’m an odd Avatar fan but I never took much notice of what they were all wearing. I DO like all of the outfits Team Avatar wears when they’re in the fire nation. Does that count? Sokka and Katara dressed up as Aang parent’s are included in that too cuz..well…that’s just hilarious
Sure. Let’s go with that. Mainly because I can’t think of anything else.
It’s either that or Princess Yue just cuz she’s cool

Tagged: Avataravatar: the last airbender30 Day ChallengeDay Five:Favorite OutfitDudeNo cluethis was a difficult questionKatara looked pretty thoughAnd Aang with hair was funnyand it was nice seeing Toph wearing something elseI love Sokka's beard toohahahaYeahAnd then randomly Ive got Princess Yuesurewhy not