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8th January 2012

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12 Things For 2012

Ok..I am following a request to do this from dontworryitsallinyourhead5 :-) So here we go.

Six Things that are Common Knowledge about Me and Six Things That Are Not:

1. I’m obsessed with Doctor Who

2. I never really go a day without at least one cup of coffee

3. I currently live in both California and Ohio

4. I have a youtube channel that is also my tumblr name

5. I’m always up way too late either on tumblr/youtube/reading/or a combination of the three

6. I love Disneyland

1. There is at least one moment of every day where I wish I was thinner

2. I’ve stopped playing piano almost all together and I really regret it. But I’ve yet to start it up again

3. I still love watching old TV shows like Hey Arnold, Doug, and The Animaniacs

4. Though I had fun, my first few hours at VidCon I really didn’t enjoy because I was so sleep deprived. All I wanted to do was curl up in a corner and sleep

5. I have a fangirl crush on Jim Sturgess (which can I just say, is rare for me! I don’t ever really have those…)

6. I have a fear of flying

Please do one if you’d like! I’d love to know more about my followers :-)

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